Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yet Another Update Post

I finally decided to get this blog on, since it seems to have enough info.  By the looks of it, there have been a lot more visitors since.

I keep putting off posting a tutorial, because of schoolwork, testing, and planning for college I don't have much time to spare.  However, I am definitely going to start posting ASM tutorials within the next two weeks.

EDIT: I found that the Gameboy Assembler Studio application that I use to program the gameboy is no longer up on the web.  I will try to get it uploaded somewhere useful and provide a working link for it when I have the time.  It's a really great GUI that was designed for windows 95, but it still works great for me on Windows 7.

To end this short update, I have a question for you who visit this site.  Should I create development blogs for other classic systems, such as the NES/SNES and maybe even the Gameboy Advance?  I have some information on those systems, as well as great tools I have downloaded throughout my journey of the internet.
What do you think?

Another post is sure to come soon, plus an article from another GameBoy developer from YouTube.