Monday, January 4, 2010


Welcome to my blog page! Just so you know, this is for my own use just as much as yours. For starters, what I am trying to do is to be able to program games or apps to modified Gameboy carts containing a Flash chip.
If you want to do some Gameboy programming, I suggest this site. It's where I got a lot of info and got a guide on what I have built: the Gameboy Cartridge Flasher.

This is my Gameboy Cartridge Flasher. I etched the PCB, ordered the parts I was missing, gutted my broken Gameshark for the connector, and programmed the chip....
My guess is that the program itself must be bad, or I didn't program it correctly. I don't know if I need to program the ATmega8515 with ALL the parts connected to it, or just the crystal.

I am going to be posting some more once I have more free time, and if you have any feedback, feel free to comment.


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